Mudmage is the most important character in the entire series, not only being the protagonist but also the character who pulls all the strings of the show.

Biography Edit

While specifics of Mudmage's life are unknown, many facts are shown during the time of the show.

Mudmage's passions include music and art, though he seems to have very little skill in them. He uses a program similar to Microsoft Paint for his murals, and his music mixes are either extensions or songs played atop each other.

Mudmage's true genius appears with his day-job: being a Paleontologist. We learn of this through episodes Dinosaurs smoke Weed WITH PROOF and Dinosaurs ARE Weed.

In episode 9, Dinosaurs ARE Weed, Mudmage is extremely sick from overexposure to weed. He dies the day after the episode is out and the epilogue is released.

In episode 11, Mudmage is revived.